Personal details
Date of birth: November 26, 1979
Marital status: married, no children

Education background
1998 – 2004 “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara
 Faculty of General Medicine, graduate
 University Diploma – M.D. (medicine doctor)
2004 - 2009 Municipal Hospital Timisoara, Dermatology Clinic
 Resident in dermatology
 Graduate on 14 0ct. 2009

Medical practice
 Consultations in dermato-venerology
 Dermato-surgery: mole-excisions, carcinoma-excisions, electrocauterisation, curretage, injections with corticosteroids
 Dermato-cosmethology: chemical peels, botox injections, fillers, IPL laser therapy
 Dermatoscopy (I have my own dermatoscope Heine Delta20 )

Work experience
 County Hospital Deva, Dermatology Clinic, specialist (from Feb. 2010)
 Municipal Hospital Timisoara, Dermatology Clinic, resident (Feb. 2005 – Oct 2009)
 VistaVision Clinic-Timisoara
 TraunMed Clinics
 Theodor Medical Center

Professional and personal achievements
- Postuniversitary Course – Cosmetic Dermatolgy; ADT-Transilvanian Dermatologist Association, Cluj,
June 2009, Romania
- Schollarship Award, 10th International Congress of Dermatology, Prague, Czech Rep.2009
- Simposium in Medical Reabilitation, Baile Felix, May 2009, Romania
- 7th Dermatology Regional Simposium “Therapeuthic News in Dermatology ”, Timisoara, April 2009,
- Postuniversitary Course – IPL & Laser Therapy, Timisoara, March 2009, Romania

- Dermatology National Conference, Sibiu, Romania
- Surgical dermatology course part 2, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
- 6th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
- 7th National Conference of Cosmetic Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, Bucharest, Romania
- Scientific Symposium Botulinum Toxin, Bucharest, Romania
- 6th Regional Symposium of Dermatology, Timisoara, Romania
- Simposium “Contraception Methods”, Timisoara, March 2008, Romania
- Simposium “Patients with atopic dermatitits in primary care assistance”, Timisoara, April 2008, Romania
- 16th Congress of the Romanian Society of Endocrinology, Timisoara, Oct.2008, Romania
- Postuniversitary Course “Dermoscopy-diagnostic in pigmentary lessions”, Cluj-Napoca, Nov.2008,
- Postuniversitary Course “Biologic therapy in psoriasis”, Timisoara, Nov.2008, Romania
- Workshop “Hialuronic acid – injection technics”, Timisoara, Dec.2008, Romania

- National Conference in Dermatology, Dermatocosmetology Workshop, Sinaia, Romania
- 5th Regional Symposium of Dermatology, Timisoara, Romania
- 7th National Conference on Sexuality Medicine, Timisoara, Romania
- Simposium “HPV Pathology”, Timisoara, April 2007, Romania

- 9th National Conference in Dermatology, Bucharest, Romania
- 4th Regional Symposium of Dermatology, Timisoara, Romania
- Workshop on Dermatoscopy, Timisoara, Romania
- Surgical dermatology course part 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

- 8th National Conference in Dermatology, Gura-Humorului, Romania
- 4th World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, Paris, France

ISD International Society of Dermatology
SRD Romanian Society of Dermatology
SRME Romanian Society of Esthetique Medicine and Cosmetic-Surgical Dermatology
SW Soud-West Romanian Association of Dermatologist

- Articles and abstracts in romanian journals, posters in congress (at request)

A Follicular Mucinosis - case report (poster sesion) – Golgotiu (Stoica) C., Ovidiu Darie, Stanescu Cristina, Gherman Gabriela, Costache Mihaela, 10th International Congress of Dermatology, Prague 2009

Sarcoidosis- case report (poster sesion) : Golgotiu(Stoica) C., Gherman Gabriela, Stanescu Cristina, Ovidiu Darie, Bnayat Daniela, 10th International Congress of Dermatology, Prague 2009

Neurofibromatosis segmentar (poster sesion) – C. Golgotiu (Stoica), M.Costache, G.Gherman, N.Popovici, O.Darie, Spitalul Clinic Municipal Timisoara, Congresul national de dermatologie, Bucuresti 2006

Scleroedema of Buschke - case report: Bnayat D, Stanescu C., Darie O, Gherman G., Ciobanu G., Golgotiu (Stoica) C. , 10th International Congress of Dermatology, Prague 2009

Analisis of cardiovascular risk factors in 70 years old persons from internal medicine ward, Gabriela CIOBOTARU, Andreea DUMITRESCU, C. Golgotiu (Stoica), Liana COCEALA, Sorin IOANOVICI, Daniela JIANU, Mihaela MUNTEAN Clinica Medicalǎ Semiologie I, UMF “Victor Babeş” Timişoara, Spitalul Clinic Municipal Timişoara, 2005

News in atopic dermatitis, Mihaela Tamara Costache, Ovidiu Darie, C. Golgotiu (Stoica),
Spitalul Clinic Municipal Timisoara 2006

Dermato-venerology specialist
Municipal Hospital Timisoara, Dermatology Clinic, Timisoara